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Whitney Wolfe Handles A Lot Of Challenges That Come With Online Dating

One of the most interesting things about online dating is that while it was designed to make dating easier, it has actually brought forth a few more frustrations for some groups of users. This is one of the reasons that Whitney Wolfe has decided to make her own online dating platform. After creating the platform, Whitney Wolfe has called it Bumble. One thing that users of Bumble are going to notice is that there are tons of differences between this site and plenty of other dating apps.

One key difference is something that is related to Whitney Wolfe’s ideas. Bumble doe snot allow men to initiate with women. Instead, women are urged to make the first move so that they can enjoy the benefits of equality. Bumble is not only a site that makes it easier for women to get the dates they want, it is also a site that makes it easier for men to get a date at all. For one thing, dating apps have been getting all kinds of complaints from both men and women. Whitney Wolfe herself has looked at the online dating apps in order to see what she can do in order to bring about something that is new and effective for people.

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Whitney Wolfe did not want to stop at dating for Bumble. She has also wanted to bring forth something that makes it easier for people to make friends. Bumble BFF works hard on making sure that people are connected with the right friends so that they can get the support they need. One thing that people don’t need in their lives is a toxic friendship. Bumble BFF works hard on preventing that from happening to people. This is one of the reasons that so many people want to be a part of this program.

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