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What can we learn from Sweetgreen?

Sweetgreen started as a small restaurant in Georgetown University, Washington DC. After many years, the restaurant has developed into a big chain attracting some of the most notable investors in the United States of America. These investors include Daniel Boulud, Danny Meyer, and Gary Hirshberg. The Revolution Growth, a firm owned by Steve Case, is another venture that has been behind the success of Sweetgreen. By late last year, Sweetgreen had over 40 restaurants located in the United States of America and the company owners indicated that there was still room for more. The latest restaurant had been opened in Los Angeles. Some of the most notable joints can be found in New York, Boston, Washington DC and Chicago.


Sweetgreen is known in the USA for offering four things. Healthy food that is locally produced, organic and very fresh. As a matter of fact, the food produce is delivered from the local firms on a daily basis. One of the co-founders of this firm is a guy called Nathaniel Ru. When talking to the Fortune magazine recently, he said that the firm was trying to build a brand that stood for something they would be proud of. According to the same co-founder, he believes that there is a lot of things that can be learned from the restaurants. He says that technology has been the key to their success. He says that most of the transactions made by this firm are from their website or the mobile app that they recently launched. He further says that technology should be in the DNA of any startup.


Sweetgreen does things differently compared to other restaurants. For instance, Sweetgreen maintains an open kitchen where the customers can have a look at the way their food is being prepared. Also, the company does not believe in having a corporate headquarter and maintains a decentralized approach to management.


The other co-founding members of Sweetgreen are Jonathan Neman and Nicholas Jammet. The three met while studying at Georgetown and were stranded about what they would do after school. This was back in the year 2007. They were in a dilemma as they had never managed a business before. The good thing about them is that they received the support of their parents. They were also wise enough to ask for advice from the experienced people such as hotel owners from the area, the school faculty and some of their friends. As the firm continues its commitment to offering fresh organic and healthy food, their customer base is likely to improve.