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The Success Story of Rick Smith in Technological World

Over the years, countries across the world have developed outstanding correctional facilities of international standards. This spans across many features that include improved communication channels between the inmates and family members. This also allows the authorities to monitor any negative information intended to damage the co-existence of the nation from the prisoners. As such, prominent personalities have risen to head renowned companies that provide high-quality communication pathways for the correctional facilities. SECURUS Technology is one of the leading non-profit businesses that have invested in providing excellent communication equipment and channels for correctional facilities. The success of the company is pegged on the leadership qualities of Rick Smith. Rick Smith is the chief executive officer of the enterprise and has a lot of skills in management thus putting him among the best CEOs in the United States of America. SECURUS Technology is headquartered in Dallas, United States of America and has been making inroads to other parts of the country with the aim of providing a high-end communication platform for correction facilities.

Rick Smith has a proven track record in the technological and telecommunication fields where he spent his previous years assisting many companies to scale the heights of technological advancement. His presence at the company has been witnessed by the increased number of inmates using SECURUS Technology as means of communication. Since joining the company in 2008, the company has expanded its service area to cover over 2,600 correction and inmate facilities across the USA and North America. This has been a great success for the company owing to the delicate field they operate of information sharing. Through his leadership, the company has developed software that has been used in the biometric analysis, monitoring and investigation. These are the key areas in the success of any given correction or law enforcement agency.

The Success Story of Rick Smith in Technological World.Rick Smith has a rich educational background spanning from his early years in the university where he graduated with bachelor’s degree in engineering from the state university of New York. This was not all; he went on to acquire a master’s in engineering from the same university. This earned him the necessary skills to undertake telecommunication advancement to greater levels. His early employment days saw him work in some of the most renowned and notable organizations in the USA holding different managerial positions. For instance, he worked as the chief information officer and controller of Global Crossing North America Inc. Also, his expertise was sort after by other companies like Midwest Telephone Operations where he served as the vice president and as the president of Frontier Information Technologies. As the CEO and president of Eschelon Telecom Inc., he helped the company realize an increase in revenue of up to $350 thus making it an achievement in history.