The Secrets behind the Achievements of Success Academy

Success Academy results came as a shock to the country. No one expected that the children from the poorest community would have a proficiency record of 94 percent in Math and 64 percent in English. Thus making most people wonder the secret behind the triumph. Taking a glance at the school, the students are called scholars, have uniforms, and they follow the set schedule and curriculum. However, when you do a Lazar focus, you will find the one important thing that separates Success Academy from the rest is the schools is what is being taught and how they are taught.


Everything taught in the school has a purpose and teachers take the time to create a curriculum that will assist the student. The educators plan their lessons with a clear goal, and they have designed set of activities that help the students to learn, develop, as well as master a new concept. For instance, kindergartens in all places play with blocks . However, at Success Academy they have a program where kids work together in small sets on an architectural sketch before doing the construction project. The same approach is taken in all other areas of English Language art curriculum where the school uses THINK Literacy in addition to the curriculum set Success. The Math Program is equally rigorous, and this is the reason that it has developed its curriculum that meets with needs of the client.


Though students from Success Academy do extraordinary well in English and Math, they also perform fairly well in other subjects. For instance, in 2014 the 4th and 8th graders passes on the science exam where 99 percent of them scored an advance ratings. Unlike most public schools who do not teach science daily until middle school, in Success Academy, every student starting from kindergarten takes a full period. When it comes to History, the school uses an experimental approach to bring History to life. Each year students participate in field studies by taking advantage of cultural offerings and New York Museums. However, do not assume that the school is a test prep factory, you will find students engaging in extra curriculum activities like chess tournament, musicals, debate, and the school newspaper.