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Tammy Mazzocco: Achieving your Goals:

Tammy Mazzocco is a successful and well known Real estate expert. Tammy Mazzocco began her career as a secretary with the Edwards Realty Company. The Edwards realty Company was an established Commercial Real Estate firm.

While working at the real estate company Tammy Mazzocco worked with several commercial agents. In addition, Ms. Mazzocco worked under the direction of Mike Zelnik. Mike Zelnik is a successful commercial realtor.

After her career at the Edwards Company came to an end, Tammy Mazzocco then worked for Scotland Yard Condominiums. Tammy Mazzocco worked in condominium management while employed at Scotland Yard Condominiums. Visit Medium to for more info.

Another agent Ken Cook took an interest in Tammy Mazzocco and suggested she become a licensed real estate agent. Ms. Mazzocco jumped at the chance and became a licensed agent in late 1995. It seems Ken Cook gave Tammy the encouragement she needed to excel within the real estate business.

According to Philly Purge after departing Scotland Yard, Tammy Mazzocco found employment with T&R Properties. T&R hired Tammy Mazzocco as an multi-site property manager. Tammy had a great deal of responsibility as a property manager but she seemed to handle all aspects of her new job quite well.

In 1998 Tammy Mazzocco became an licensed personal assistance for REMAX. Quite an accomplishment for someone who started out as a secretary. While at REMAX Tammy worked closely with Joe Armeni.

In 1999 Tammy decided to pursue real estate as a full time career. Ms. Mazzocco learned all the ins and outs of the business by working with Joe Aremeni. You can visit Inspirery to know more.

Finally in the summer of 2000, Tammy began working for Judy Gang & Associates. Judy Gang & Associated is based in Ohio. Tammy’s final move to Judy Gang & Associates is probably the best move she has ever made throughout her lengthy real estate career. Judy and Tammy not only worked together but became good friends also. Tammy learned by working at Judy Gang that if you push yourself in an area where you have talent that something positive will certainly result.

Tammy Mazzocco now sells residential real estate and she is quite successful in the business. Tammy sells real estate within Franklin and Fairfield Counties within the state of Ohio. Mazzocco is a prime example of what can happen when you work hard and follow your instincts. Of course a little help and encouragement from coworkers can go a long way also.