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Roberto Santiago Puts Paraiba on the Map through Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago is arguably a multi-talented individual, as he has proven to be an excellent trader, sportsman and shrewd businessmen. His reputation is mostly preceded by being the owner of Manaira Shopping, the largest shopping center in all of Joao Pessoa. The mall was established in November 1989 and stands in between the North Coast lands of Joao Pessoa, which simply adds more credit to the business.


What to Find at Manaira Shopping


Movies and Games


Currently, Manaira Shopping stands as a reference to strong investment in both fun and leisure. This attribute is strongly accentuated by its features, which include eleven cinemas coupled with the latest cinematic projection technology. The mall also boasts 3D room, VIP room, and an interactive Stadium System to spice up the cinema experience. As if that is not enough, it also has a gaming space known as the amusement park Game Station, which features 200 gaming machines that complement gamers of all ages and preferences.


The Domus Hall


Located on Manaira Shopping’s rooftop, the Domus Hall is the largest concert space or hall in Paraiba’s capital. With the most updated structure, the hall offers excellent space that can accommodate ten thousand individuals standing and four thousand people sitting. What’s more, the Domus Hall has two floors all for accommodating guests. The ground floor provides an excellent space that can be adapted to suit various events including private events, fairs, stand-ups, mega shows, weddings, graduations, and presentations. On the other hand, the second floor is a unique space that has private cabins for around ten persons coupled with access to lounge music and dressing rooms.


Other Features


Aside from the wide range of entertainment offered at the mall, culture is also widely promoted through the most diverse exhibitions that are organized in their fields. Doing so not only helps to foster culture but also knowledge among people who walk into the mall. In this case, Roberto Santiago facilitates social projects where by children from different schools in the area come to the shopping complex to know and learn from the exhibitions while having fun.


With over 75,000m2 of gross leasable area and 300 stores, the Manaiara Shopping has a reputation for being the largest commercial/shopping enterprise in all of Paraiba. Aside from Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago also has another great business called Mangabeira Shopping. Ever since it was launched in November 2014, the mall has grown into the largest commercial enterprise in Joao Pessoa’s entire southern zone.


Aside from being a force to reckon with in the shopping enterprise segment, Roberto Santiago has proven to be an excellent sportsman. In fact, he was the only individual in Brazil to scoop first-place in the Brazilian Kart Championship. Before that, Santiago had won several state championships.