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Robert Santiago Out in Front of Brazil’s Entrepreneurial Successes

Brazil is best known for its stunning beauty, fantastic beaches and landscapes, and the splendor and celebrations of Carnival. What Brazil is not known for is a history of entrepreneurship. That has changed over the last twenty years though as numerous business tycoons have successfully launched ventures in Brazil taking full advantage of the opportunities and the large populations and economic growth of the country. According to a recent Forbes article, one in six Brazilian adults are either trying to launch a new business venture or currently running a small business. And another one in six is already running an established small business or corporation. In comparison, those figures now exceed that of entrepreneurs and startups in the United States despite the U.S.’s penchant for start-ups and small businesses. The Brazilian economic climate is changing, and entrepreneurs are leading the charge.


One of those successful Brazilian entrepreneurs is Roberto Santiago. Roberto Santiago started his career in Santa Rosa café learning the sales and retail industry well. He then went on to establish a firm that produced and manufactured decorative and utilitarian consumer goods. These ventures catapulted Santiago to the pinnacles of success and provided a significant amount of wealth and capital. Roberto Santiago has even shown a penchant for sports, winning awards in motocross and Kart competitions.


Best known as the founder of the Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall in Paraiba, Brazil, Santiago has seen his success span several decades after first opening the mall in the late 80’s. The mall is a monument to capitalism comprised of shopping malls, businesses, movie theaters, sports and entertainment venues and the Domus Hall which is one of the largest concert halls in all of Brazil. The hall has seating capacity for 8,000 people.


Roberto Santiago has become one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in Brazil, largely due to his vision for the Manaira Shopping Mall. Leveraging his consumer and service background, Santiago set out to offer more than just shopping. He wanted to provide various forms of recreational, entertainment and leisure activities to Brazilians. His attention to detail and a commitment to making sure that the highest-quality services were being offered at the mall led to his success. Santiago designed this mall as a center for fun and entertainment in a less traditional mall setting.


While many individuals probably don’t equate Brazil with entrepreneurship and successful businesspeople, people like Robert Santiago are working hard to change that perception. Their continued growth and development have fueled Brazil’s economic expansion over the last two decades. Soon, Brazil will take its place as an epicenter for capitalism and entrepreneurship.