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Magnises Brings Millenials Together

Billy McFarland went to Bucknell University to study computer engineering, after some time he was passionate about entrepreneurship so this made him drop out of the university to explore his passion for technology. He is now a technology entrepreneur expert. McFarland lives in New York City where he was also born. When he was 13 years old, he started his first company which was based on designers and their customers communicating on an online platform. He is the founder and CEO of Spling and also the founder and CEO of Magnises. Magnises is a black card mobile app.

The company Spling that he founded right off after dropping out of college is an online platform. Spling is able to enhance URLs by altering them from written links to graphic descriptions. Magnises his latest and fast growing company consist of the millennial generation including him.

Magnises started off in the year 2014.the black metallic card at Magnises is extraordinary in different is just not any card and most importantly it is not a credit card. This card was initiated so as to venture an online social forum or rather network that is based on the recent social media updates as well as technology. The millennials involved in this online podium are mostly already working or have their own businesses. Therefore Magnises connects them to various brands of technology and other kinds of brands.

It is a company that has its condition just like other companies. Members of Magnises are the only ones who are able to access the company’s services and brands. An annual fee of $250 is what one must pay to qualify to be a member. New York Penthouse is where the member goes to have a good time since they are able to interact with each other on different levels. this is due to the magnificent card each of the member carries.

The advantage of the card is that it is automatically linked to one’s credit card. This simplifies everything because you will not need to carry your credit card. Furthermore it has discounts so one can gain and enjoy himself much more. Since it started the card has earned $3 million. Magnises is located in Washington DC as well as New York City.