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Jeremy L. Goldstein’s Admirable Leadership Qualities

For those needing an attorney in New York, the New York Bar Association has great news! A website referral service at has been made available around the clock. The service replaces the former telephone referral line and is referred to as the Legal Referral and Information Service. Clients are able to fill out a profile detailing their unique legal needs. The staff reviews the submission and matches it with an attorney. If the client wishes to meet with a selected attorney, they pay a small fee for a half an hour consultation to go over the details of the case. This benefits both parties by ensuring there is a legitimate match; saving each party a significant amount of time and money.


Among these attorneys is Jeremy L. Goldstein. His background in legal issues dealing with corporate governance and ethical issues such as executive pay makes him a highly regarded resource. He’s been involved in many large transactions over the years with large corporations on both the national and international level. Jeremy Goldstein’s educational background in both business and law give him the experience level needed to have his own successful boutique firm.


Jeremy Goldstein has contributed his expert knowledge to non-profit organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation and Fountain House by serving in leadership and advisory roles. He also has a strong background in art history and the French language. His expert advice has been implemented in scholarly articles by Harvard University and NYU’s Journal of Law primarily on corporate governance. Jeremy L. Goldstein is noticed by both the legal and business communities as an invaluable asset. Mr. Goldstein’s well-rounded background helps him in understanding and resolving some of the business world’s most complex issues. Goldstein’s caring and competent background give his firm the strength to help in any capacity.


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