Compensation Structure

Jeremy Goldstein – Discussing the Compensation Structure in Details

The field of law has become highly competitive in the United States, and there are many lawyers out there who are excellent in their respective specialties. One of the lawyers who is considered an authority and an unmatched leader in the field of compensation issues is Jeremy Goldstein.

Crunchbase revealed that Jeremy Goldstein is among the most trusted lawyers in the corporate world, especially when it comes to advising the compensation committee and structuring the compensation slab for the top management of the client companies. Jeremy Goldstein says that many variables need to be looked upon to ensure that the employees and employers are equally benefitted.

On the matter of compensation structure, Jeremy Goldstein spoke about the stock options and how its importance has decreased over time. Jeremy says that in the past, the people were fascinated with the stock options as it made them a partner to the company and helped them get shares of the firm at a discounted price. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

However, today stock options are not much of a fascination among the employees, especially when the company is still in the developing stage.

It is because the stock options don’t guarantee benefits in the future and have many chances of being priced low due to the market movements. In the times of economic uncertainty, it is difficult for the employees these days to choose stock options over a fatter pay check, and it is for this reasons Jeremy says it is essential for the companies to roll out knock out option.

Jeremy Goldstein says that the knock out option would help the employees to get the benefit of the stock option and would minimize the risk associated. He added that it would also make it easier for the companies to ensure that the sluggishness in the market is not taken advantage of by the employees.