How Nathaniel Ru is Using Innovation to Promote his Fast Food Venture

If legacy restaurant firms could operate from scratch, many of them would adopt the Sweetgreen model. This high-end salad restaurant chain has received financial backing from notable investors including Danny Meyer, Steve case, and Daniel Boulud. This has enabled it hit all the rights notes in the food industry. The chain prides itself in selling organic, local, fresh, and healthy salads. Its recipe has been resonating well with food enthusiasts. The company currently has 40 locations across the US.


Lessons for Other Restaurant Owners


Sweetgreen’s co-CEO Nathaniel Ru asserts that he and his partners are trying to create a brand represents healthier lifestyles. Sweetgreen is dedicated to providing its customers with better food. Traditional restaurant chains have a lesson or two to learn from Sweetgreen’s business model. The chain’s three founders met at Georgetown University and are tech pioneers within the hospitality industry. One-third of transactions at Sweetgreen are made via a mobile app, or its website. Ru asserts that technology is part of the company’s DNA.


Ru and his fellow co-founders are also in the process of rethinking the chain’s management strategies. In order for the management to maintain its closeness with clients, the company’s corporate outposts are shut down five times every year to allow all employees to serve clients in restaurants. Even with the opening of an office in Los Angeles, Sweetgreen doesn’t have a central point of command. The co-CEOs are also bicoastal since they are aiming at growing the company nationally.


Sweetgreen’s other co-founders are Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. The trio met at an entrepreneurship class during their days at Georgetown. They came up with the idea of starting a restaurant chain after noticing that the area around Georgetown did not have adequate healthy eating options. The first restaurant was opened in August 2007 soon after the three graduated. The success of this outlet paved way to the formation of 39 others.


Nathaniel Ru in Brief


Nathaniel is among the most successful young entrepreneurs in the American restaurant chain industry. His insight has helped catapult Sweetgreen into a nationally-recognized brand. As co-CEO, he has focused on promoting discipline, scalability, and flexibility within the firm. To ensure that clients are provided with healthy foods at Sweetgreen outlets, Ru and his co-founders source food directly from farmers. This farm-to-table model has enabled the restaurant chain to grow exponentially. Investment firms have similarly been brought on board, something that has stabilized Sweetgreen’s operations.


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