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Film and Human Rights Combine in The Life of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen may be best known for being one of the world’s best known human rights activists, but he has also been working to build a strong career as a film producer for both documentary and fiction films. As the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen has often been seen giving his opinion on human rights issues for many of the top news organizations in the world, including The Washington Post and the BBC; the reputation Thor Halvorssen has developed over recent years has also seen him speak at some of the most important institutions in the world, such as the United Nations and the British Houses of Parliament.

Through his work as the leader of the Human Rights Foundation and the leader of the Oslo Freedom Forum Thor has developed a career that has seen him rise quickly to be seen as an innovator in the field of activism. At the Human Rights Foundation Thor has created a team of just twelve colleagues headed by Political dissident Gary Kasparov who have come together to work to free political prisoners and publicize the problems facing those trapped in closed societies. Thor Halvorssen is now well known for providing information on human rights violations committed by both right and left leaning governments regardless of their political affiliations; Halvorssen believes any human rights violation is wrong and has reported those committed in Cuba and Venezuela that are often ignored by other activists with socialist values.

While working in film as a producer, Thor Halvorssen has often been seen as an expert in creating documentaries detailing problems with human rights across the history of the 20th century. A good example of the work created by Thor Halvorssen is the award-winning “Freedom’s Fury” documentary that details a peaceful uprising in Hungary in the 1950s, which was followed by a look at the humor used in propaganda during the Cold War in the film “Hammer and Tickle”.