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Fabletics, Cute and Affordable Fitnesswear by Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has taken the fitness apparel world by a storm. The company is an innovative, creative new take on active wear for women. The clothes are a marriage between cute and affordable. Fablets has a unique approach to marketing, customer service and building a special relationship with its consumers.


The reverse showroom technique has shown tremendous success with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Consumers have built a loyal, unique relationship with the company via digital connections. When customers enter the brick-and-mortar style store for the first time, they are entering a familiar territory that they already visited previously through the internet. Most that enter are already members, and even more become members when entering the store for the first time.


In addition to the reverse showroom technique, Fabletics tracks online data provided by consumers habits and preferences. They use this information to implement current trends and tastes among certain localities, leading to a rise in that specific consumer’s satisfaction. Membership programs, a unique consumer-company based relationship and appealing to the new, novel-minded consumer are all parts of what make Fabletics such a success.


Kate Hudson offers a few of her insights into the growing success. of her company. Her first tip is to identify marketing opportunities. She saw that cute, affordable activewear was missing. She also wanted to encourage people to exercise more, but not beat themselves up about having a glass of wine or a bite of chocolate. Her approach is a balance between being productive and being human.


Hudson also tracks sales data every week. Anything not selling is taken off the website immediately, replacing it with something she deems better. She stays focused and diligent with sales, keeping track of patterns and also taking risks. This is also achieved by a short quiz every new customer takes when they sign up on the website. The information gleamed there is then used to predict what kind of style and prices consumers are looking for.


Kate Hudson’s final tips are centered around creativity, connection and passion. She insists that a business cannot grow without creativity, the world cannot turn without connection and that having a passionate drive leads to fearlessness. She emphasizes inspiration and taking risks to follow that inspiration, and not giving up. Her idol and her inspiration is her mother, Goldie Hawn. Kate Hudson’s motto is that life is very short, and to focus on what matters the most.