Eva Moskowitz: the Esteemed Leader in Reforming the Education Sector

Eva Moskowitz is a prominent icon in the education sector. She is the acclaimed CEO and founder of the prestigious charter management organization called Success Academy Charter Schools. She served as the former chairperson of the Educational Committee at the City Councilmember. Eva has worked with other organizations including New York City Charter School Center, Harlem Education Fair, and StudentFirstNY. In 2012, she collaborated with Arin Lavinia to write “Mission Impossible,” a guide explaining how to run charter school.


How Eva is reforming the Education Sector

In 2006, she began her first Success Academy in Harlem and reformed the education sector through offering parents an alternative option for children who had poor performance. She also helped many children achieve their academic potential.


A Closer Focus on Success Academy


Eva cited that all the children were taking chess classes at Success Academy. This enabled them to have strategic thinking skills and learn how to use their time properly through solving the puzzles in the chess board. Additionally, debate programs were necessary for students to learn public speaking skills. The school also allowed students to participate in sports.


When ranking Success Academy among the New York state schools, the school has five out of the top ten students who are brilliant in math. Similarly, the school has three out of the top twenty students who are excellent in English.


According to Eva, Success Academy does everything in a unique manner, for instance, students are made read poems on a daily basis. This activity makes them comfortable in analyzing the meaning and language of words. Further, she cited that Success Academy Charter Schools served 11,000 students at 34 different schools. Eva mentioned that donors were important in the running of Success Academy since they were catalysts for change.


Eva cited that she encouraged parents to embrace tax credits and vouchers which can be used in private, online, or religious schools. This is because of the high number of students who had applied for the open slot at Success Academy in 2015.