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Desiree Perez taking Tidal to new heights

Most people are aware of Tidal and it being a Jay-Z operated music streaming network. What they don’t know is that Desiree Perez is at the center of the success that the network has obtained recently.

Jay-Z, the pioneer of the network, had to bring in Desiree to help revive it. Many of the managers left the network to pursue other interests. This is obviously affected the progress of the network. The problem with the management was involving the wrong people for in the different departments. It was not after Desiree joined the network that people started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

After she joined, many other artists have signed up with the network. This can be attributed to the fact that Desiree knows how to negotiate deals and contracts. She can achieve success in any project that she pursues.

Dez has the desire to see the network grow and bring in new artists and other customers on board. To do that, she has to make the people interested in what they have to offer. She has managed to draw in curiosity from the different music fans a move that has increased their new memberships.

She has managed to gather different exclusive albums from different renowned artists like T.I, Rihanna, Beyonce, etc. This has promoted the app in many ways and made it even more popular than it was. The app has also gained ground which can be attributed to the release of Kanye West’s album the Life of Pablo. After the release, over a million fans signed app for the app.

Desiree owns her own business which has been successful. It is her negotiation and accounting skills that motivated Jay-Z had to bring her on board.

She has been working in the entertainment sector for a while now. She is married to Juan Perez who manages the Roc Nation Sports. She is also affiliated to the Hova circle that manages Roc Nation and now Tidal.

The network is looking to promote new talents by seeking upcoming music. They have therefore added a few different categories in their menu.

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