OSI Group / President

David McDonald: CEO of the Best Meat Processing Company

David McDonald is one of the main people responsible for higher growth of OSI GROUP. This company is one of the prominent company in the market because of their largest production of processed meat in the country. OSI Group is currently working at higher scale and is a primary supplier to McDonald’s when it comes to meet they use in their burgers and other products. Because of their higher production and quality of the product, they both work nationally (America) but also internationally (China) and is focusing on expanding this company worldwide. Mr. David McDonald is working really hard to make his dream come true and to reach all the aims; he has ever planned. He is also working to improve the way things function at OSI Group.

This company started working in the year 1909 and has grown to be one of the prominent and reputed companies in the world. The company made a big leap when they attained the monopoly over the meat supplying to McDonald all over the company, thus making it international, now not only the meat is supplied to America, its supplied worldwide.

Mr. David always focused on improving the functions and methods used in OSI Group, so he started with the reform in manufacturing methods, he is trying to implement and use the best technology for the production units so that the quality of the product is never compromised and they are more environmentally friendly. OSI Groups never compromise on their standards, and that’s one of the reasons they are well reputed in the market.

David McDonald OSI Group is well experienced in the field of meat processing. He is the food lover, and that is why he is currently the CEO of this company as well. With his good leadership qualities, he is able to lead his company efficiently. He wants to continuously develop, get better and to be the most well reputed and best company on the charts and become significantly recognized in the processed meat industry worldwide.

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