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Daniel Mark Harrison Helps Monkey Capital Lead in Market Shares

The market of ICOs is vastly expanding with issuers settling for selling options before the funding round. That is why the decentralized Monkey Capital hedge fund has invested in SpaceX for supply contracts, blockchain systems, and company takeovers. The same scenario leads to a lot of speculation based on the large blocks systems of Crypto that are set to make history. This is because the blocks have been the first ICO to sell successful options.

Background on ICOs

COEVAL, the current trading option, is now mobilized through Waves Decentralized Exchange. The option gained marketing momentum through excellent performance in business. At a discussion, the CEO of Monkey Capital highlighted the operations of the business in relation to valuation premiums. He also discussed the position of the business to investors.


COEVAL contracts had a volume of approximately 15 BTC appended on Waves DEX. It is projected that the value is approximately one third of the total volume of Bancor. The same value is roughly translates to a third of Bittrex and 60 times the value of Chrono. For Bancor and Chromo, reports indicate that they are some of ICO’s watershed in the present year, 2017. Therefore, the comparisons root from meaningful roots. This is according to analysts.


The unique blend of Monkey Capital offers a plethora of star management teams. Some of the attractive features include high quality operating platforms and compelling projects that feature real-world benefits. Tesla Energy and Hydrogen Cars are some of the examples cited. According to a Huffington post earlier this week, Monkey Capital’s ICO is depicted as a billion dollar baboon.

Profile of Daniel Mark Harrison

Behind the high profile and performance at Monkey Capital is the visionary Daniel Mark Harrison. The chairman and CEO of an investment firm named after him, Daniel Mark Harrison & Co., he is a leader with the aim of achieving unparalleled results. Daniel is in charge of a family office that features offices as well as active projects in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore. At Fintech, Harrison is a managing partner. His works extend beyond management, and he is also the author of The Millennial Reincarnations.