Cotemar Oil and Gas Market Innovation

Cotemar is a Mexican company with innovative solutions in the oil and gas industry. It was launched in 1979 with an aim of offering petroleum services, offshore maintenance, maritime services, making of specialize ships and offshore men. It is headquartered in Avenida Adolfo Lopez Mateos Ciudad del Carmen. It deals with services such as linking vessels with the satellite and dynamic positioning. It has also been the focus of Cotemar to ensure they rehabilitate and maintain the platforms used in offshore facilities. Over the years, the company has been producing hydrocarbons. It also ensures the risk being taken is less but the solution being developed maximizes the efficiency of different processes.


The changing world of business have also seen Cotemar specialize in different ventures. Some of them include offshore catering and deluxe accommodation services. The services include cleaning of different areas at residential or commercial buildings. They include cinemas, television rooms, basketball courts and even gymnasiums. It also specializes in offering bedding and laundry services. Over the years, they have also specialized in transportation of lightweight goods for different clients. In the process of offering all the different kinds of services, the company focuses on environmental consciousness, safety and sustainability. It has thus been certified by International Standard Organization, PEMEX, IndustriaLimpia and International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate. The vision of the company is to provide sustainability in all the market segments it engages into.


Experience Meets Efficiency


The company has been dealing with different clients for over 7 years. It provides efficient solutions due the innovative approach is applies when developing strategies. It also seeks to add value to every encounter with a client. Today, the company has over 5,000 employees who are highly skilled. This makes it easy to achieve all the set objectives due to talented experts who are highly motivated.


In every level of service provision, the company is proud to help clients in the following market segments. First it deals with engineering, which involves specialized vessel and efficient maritime support. The other segments include construction, modernization and construction. In the modernization and innovation segment, the company seeks to continually improve the facilities used by in the offshore business. It also provides firefighting boats and towing vessels. This makes it possible to ensure all their customers are highly secured and assured. Clients who seek their catering and accommodation services enjoy delicious meals, washing and ironing in each cabin. This makes their services to be highly appreciated by clients around the world.

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