Bridget Scarr, Colibri Studios Executive producer is a writer and an artistic producer who has passion in the development of fascinating content which touches a variety of issues. She is skillful in business management, film production, content creation, brand communication, creative development, marketing and creative direction among others. Bridget has worked on a variety of projects among them augmented reality, digital content, interactive exhibition and virtual reality among others. All these projects have attracted large spectators both academically and emotionally.



Bridget has used a reasonable amount of time in Executive Production. She has more than 15 years’ experience in production for advertisements, animations as well as Televisions. Her responsibilities throughout her career has been overseeing the artistic development and creative as well as procedural production output of various teams. These productions varied from children’s animations, lifestyle, drama, entertainment and factual entertainment programming.



Bridget Scarr is a co-founder of the @LivRe, which allows its audiences to live in REALITIES with the use of experiential engagement, since November 2016. She is also a partner and a Managing Director at the Pollen Creative Media a position she obtained on January 2008. Bridget is currently the head of content development, policy and partnerships at the Calibri Studios her responsibilities being taking part in daily developments and collaborating with the international broadcasters, creative talents as well as project partners to actualize projects.



In one of her interviews with ideamensch, Bridget reveals that the idea of coming up with Collibri Studios emanated from her focus on making other peoples’ ideas real while working as a TV producer. This prompted her to shift to content creation hence the establishment of Collibri Studios. Bridget also expresses her strictness on her daily schedule and objectives but which doesn’t take her love for her family away as she ensures she has spent time with her family especially at lunch hours and in the evening. Making ideas a reality according to Bridget, with respect to her career, is a process that can take months or even years as it involves first coming up with the idea, conducting a thorough research on it by getting all the past events, audios, videos and any related contents and finally engaging technology to make the idea a reality.



Bridget advises the young generation to be fearless, to trust their journey, to believe in their capabilities and their gifts from God, to always appreciate the little they have and especially their loved ones and to be free to love unconditionally.


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