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An Overview of the Benefits and Luxurious Lifestyle of a Magnises Member

Magnises, a private club for cream of the crop millennials, was founded back in 2014 by Billy McFarland who was only twenty-something old. His aim was to help this elite club of young people to build perfect networks. Members ought to apply for membership and pay an annual fee of $250 and they are carefully selected to create a great mix between industries and genders. The private club allows its members to use a black card that is personalized in order to access special deals and events in various East Coast cities. The most notable and biggest cities in East Coast include Washington DC and New York City. Once a member flashes their Magnises card, they get discounts in bars, clubs, restaurants and reserve events like luxurious getaways and private concerts.

The Magnises black card is linked to a member’s credit card or bank for the payments but the perks that come with having the card make it more popular on McFarland, in an interview with Business Insider, stated that Magnises is building a platform, that will be complete and help in connecting millennials to new businesses both online and offline. The founder added that they tied the black card to the credit or debit card of their members since it is the one thing that they always carry around. The membership of the exclusive elite club has since reached 12,000 people and more benefits are on the way.

Benefits of the Club to Magnises Members

Magnises members based in New York City will be able to access co-working facilities at Alley, where the club has its corporate offices for just $99 a month. McFarland stated that the co-working spaces typically go for about $500 per month. This new membership feature is being referred to as WorkPass.

There are also plans to introduce a feature dubbed ClubPass that will see Magnises members pay $65 monthly. This will guarantee them access to nightclubs that are the most exclusive in New York on There will be a third feature, HotelPass, which allows Magnises members to stay at various locations of The Dream Hotel in New York for only $79 a night. The same rooms are normally charged from $245. McFarland explained that these are the places that their members would love to go but they are not able to or have to fork out huge amounts for a table in clubs but ClubPass assists the members in a great way.

Benefits to the Brands

Magnises says that the club also offers a great deal for the brands too apart from the club itself. The club is composed of working professionals who are aged between 21 – 35 years old. Most of the members are drawn from the industries of Fashion, Finance and Technology. McFarland gave an example of The Dream Hotel that is in the process of opening up new locations in the world and wants the members to choose the whenever they travel around the world.

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