Golden Lion / Johnnie Walker

Alexandre Gama Is The Most Important Professional In Brazil

Alexandre Gama is an award-winning writer, businessman, and marketing strategist. He had been recognized over the years through international outlets, making him one of the most successful Brazilian marketers.

The man was born June 1, 1958, in the famous city of Rio de Janeiro. He later obtained his degree in marketing from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. He was soon launched into the field of marketing, starting as a low-level writer.

In 2006, Alexandre was recognized by About magazine as one of the top 7 professionals in Brazilian history. He ranked highly out of a pool of 250 carefully selected individuals.

The Giant Rock advertising campaign for Johnny Walker had certainly been being host successful to date. It won a global prize from Diageo in 2013.

His greatest legacy was receiving the Golden Lion at the Cannes International Festival for his Brazillian cultural short film. He was one of the few Latin Americans recognized at the international film festival.