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A Man With A Mission: Brian Torchin

Many times in life, you find yourself in places you never thought you’d be, but wouldn’t want it any other way. Perhaps this was the case with Brian Torchin, finding himself the owner and president of the HCRC Staffing company.

However, he didn’t start there. After obtaining a degree in exercise science, physical therapy and chiropractic medicine, he opened his own chiropractic clinic, where he served many individuals on a daily basis.

While the primary goal of having your own clinic is to help your patients, the business aspect cannot be ignored. If your business is not run well, it’s difficult to provide for those using you business. Brian Torchin noticed that the biggest hurdle was consistent staffing. It’s difficult for a medical establishment to provide the best patient care if they are short-staffed or if the staff is unfamiliar with the business.

Even re-establishing a repertoire with the patients after going through different clinicians can prove detrimental. From the clinicians standpoint, it can be difficult to find jobs with your specialty. Every employee in an establishment is important to keep things running smoothly, which is why he extends this service to any role needing filled in an establishment.

According to Glassdoor, it’s obvious that Brian Torchin is dedicated to making his company the best provider of the services offered. His Facebook and Twitter pages are filled with recommendations and calls for good employees. He also finds time to write blogs often about topics such as finding and keeping quality professionals. Squeezed into his busy schedule, he occasionally finds time to enjoy nature and all it’s beauties, which he captures on his Vimeo page.

From a heart that wants the best for people combined with the thought and dedication to providing a quality service, it’s no surprise that his company is one of the largest medical staffing companies that stretches worldwide!

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